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A Fully Transparent Way to Buy and Sell Real Estate is Taking Hold in the Washington, D.C. Market with 70 Homes Listed and 10 Homes Placed Under Contract on the Final Offer Platform Since It’s Mid-October Launch

Buyers and sellers love the transparency of the platform – the ability to set price and terms, see showings and get offers in real-time is powerful.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – (NOVEMBER 16, 2022) – Final Offer, an online real estate platform that went live in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia region in mid-October, has over 70 real estate listings published on the site, all of which will accept offers through In a slow market, 10 homes have already been placed under contract through the platform, with more going under contract every week. 

The Final Offer platform, backed and used by leading real estate agents across brokerages, provides listing agents and their sellers with the opportunity to sell their properties through a fully transparent, competitive platform that drives urgency from the buying community.

Mary Noone of the Trent & Co team was the listing agent on the first property in the region to go under contract through Final Offer. By having the price and terms that the seller would accept publicly disclosed, it prompted a buyer and their agent to make the Final Offer while the first open house was underway, immediately putting the home under contract.

“Rather than explaining the details of deadlines and competition, the buyer could go online and click the Final Offer button to take the property off the market,” said Mary. “Buyers could confidently make an offer on the property without the stress of waiting out deadlines. Final Offer provided them the security of knowing what it took to make the Winning Offer, and it made it easy for everyone involved to move forward at a price we all agreed on. Our client was over the moon to get their ‘top number’ within the first three days of being on the market.”  

How it works: 

  • Sellers publicly state the price, terms and timing they are committed to accepting. The ability to inform buyers what is important allows sellers and their agents to act more strategically, while giving buyers the clarity and confidence they need to make an offer they know will be accepted. 
  • Sellers can assign economic value through the platform to offer terms such as speed of closing and others, so that buyers can strengthen their offer.
  • Sellers can see all scheduled showings for their property and any agent feedback in real time. 
  • All interested parties are notified in real-time when offers are made, providing the opportunity to all potential buyers to act quickly. 
  • All offers are visible in the listing’s offer history, allowing buyers and their agents to view the details of what they need to do in order to make a better offer.
  • Buyers and their agents can make offers online in seconds and, unlike the traditional offer process in most states, will only need to complete a regional sales contract if their offer ends up being the winning offer. 

About Final Offer

Final Offer empowers top real estate agents to provide a more transparent offer and negotiation experience to their clients. Now, sellers can clearly outline their desired price, terms and timing, giving buyers the certainty they need to always make a winning offer. Built by real estate and technology leaders, Final Offer allows buyers and sellers to experience a more transparent sales process, resulting in a more efficient process for all parties. This has led top real estate agents to view Final Offer as the tool to help differentiate themselves and provide their clients with an elevated buying and selling experience.


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